Like We Need Another Hole in Our Head …

By the way, and especially for any law types, there was a particularly instructive op-ed piece in the WaPost a few days ago that demonstrates quite capably how the phantasmagoria of “international terrorism” can cripple even the most able of minds …

In the piece, federal circuit court judge Richard Posner, hardly an intellectual lightweight, argues that the US needs an MI5, or domestic intelligence gathering operation, because the FBI is overly-hidebound by the relics of an earlier age, such as due process, constitutional protections, rule of law, rules of evidence, etc …

He bases his argument on the UK airliner plot and the urgent threat it posed. I wonder what he will say when this “story” falls apart … Coming from a judge, a sharp one too, this is beyond scary … Aren’t they supposed to be a bit more level-headed and not given to the knee jerk reactions of the media and blogger-types …?

I guess Melville was right:

“In the cold courts of justice the dull head demands oaths, and holy writ proofs; but in the warm halls of the heart one single, untestified memory’s spark shall suffice to enkindle such a blaze of evidence, that all the corners of conviction are as suddenly lighted up as a midnight city by a burning building, which on every side whirls its reddened brands.”

Fear is like a narcotic: users use it, pushers push it … Sadly, I worry that we never get those brain cells back …

On a related note, I think it is interesting to consider whether the real goal of “terrorists,” at least those that target the United States, is to make us Americans more dumb … If so, I congratulate them for their strategic genius. Genius because either it has worked, or because it did not have to …


2 Replies to “Like We Need Another Hole in Our Head …”


    fear makes people stupid. fear and uncertainty granted the re-election of bush, that’s what’s pushing clinton to warn the reps from playing this dirty game again and linking the UK terror plot to Iraq. iraq’s failure is the dem’s card now. that’s merely clinton’s concern, meanwhile the average american still thinks that bush stayed neutral concerning the war in lebanon and so can’t see through this. again.

  2. I understand the political utility of fear, but Posner has a life-time appointment to the federal bench and spends his time writing textbooks and legal articles … That is why it is frickin scary … A dull head such as his should not be falling prey to the histrionics of the political class or their lapdogs in the various security agencies …

    PS: I like your blog, but keep your spirits up and don’t dwell among the untrodden ways …

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