Fast Fact for Our American Readers …

Listening to the US media, one might come to the conclusion that Hizbullah was responsible for the attack on the US Marine Barracks in 1983. Unfortunately, the US government has no evidence of such, or at the very least, not evidence it is willing to share.

Consider the 2001 statement of Caspar Weinberger, Reagan’s Secretary of Defense from 1981-1987:

“But we still do not have the actual knowledge of who did the bombing of the Marine barracks at the Beirut Airport, and we certainly didn’t then.”

Even if members of Hizbullah were involved, which is possible, another former Reagan official, David Forte, has suggested that the bombing was “probably not illegal under international law” due to the role of the US in Lebanon’s civil war.

Hizbullah, which was officially formed in 1985, has always denied involvement and asked for proof. These days most government reports blame Hizbullah for the attack, while a few elliptically say the group “was linked” to the attack (don’t you just love the passive voice — Lebanon was bombed, etc … )

I could go on in further detail, but this is just a Fast Fact, right …


3 Replies to “Fast Fact for Our American Readers …”

  1. …imagine this scenario.

    someone unknown smuggles an atom bomb into iran, syria, and lebanon, then, detonates them destroying millions of people.

    ..who do you blame?

    there would be no evidence as to whom did what since all evidence would have disappeared after the explosion.

    this is the same premise you are suggesting to the readers with the hez and the usa.

    think about it.

  2. Fast fact.The hezzies are a hardcore terrorist operation that have been waging barbaric unthinking war on Western Civilization since their inception.The only way to stop them is to kill them and their sponsors.

    They are 12th Century failures that cannot ever face peace,which is what they and the entire Arab world would instantly have if it ever turned from whining and blind hatred.But they won’t, because then they’d have to rely on education,intelligence and hard work like everyone else. Easier to whine and hate, I guess.

  3. Bangkok,

    Sorry, I don’t follow. Whether evidence is scant or bountiful, I would think one would want to do a pretty standard means, motive and opportunity investigation … As I am sure you know well, multiple parties possessed all three during those dark days, including those with much more experienced and sophisticated in the arts of clandestine operations and proxy-war than the fledgling, nascent regime in Tehran …


    I think you may be on to something. I heard Benjamin Netanyahu say just last week that Hizbullah and Iran began planning the kidnap of the two Israeli soldiers back in the 10th century …

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