How to find Jewish love

Hey I just received an email from Haaretz entitled: How to find Jewish love:

Dear Subscriber, is the fastest growing Jewish Singles community on the web. With more than 70% of our membership over 30 years old, we truly cater to the professional Jewish singles community.
Join now and receive a 3 month Premium Membership for Free (a $60 value)! Hurry, this is a limited time offer!

Yeah I wonder how I could possibly find this Jewish love. All I saw until now is Jewish wrath! (although I must say that I have a few Jewish friends that give me all the love I need.

Another thought: Why is it that we don’t have sites like this in Lebanon, “How to find maronite love” or “how to find the true druze love” that would be a nice one indeed. I think that no where in the world to we have this ethnical affection projected institutionally at the internet level.

In any case, I always said it, the only way we can fix the Israeli-Arab conflict (if such a thing still exist, cause few are the Arabs who still have problems with Israel!) is to make all the Sahyouni women mate with the Ayrab men, and vice versa till you have no clear enemy at sight. The kids can’t just kill themselves! (who am I that kind of thing)


8 Replies to “How to find Jewish love”

  1. Not for nothing, but you find such “ethnic” dating sites in the diaspora or where a particular social group is a minority, not in the motherland (i.e. you cannot swing a dead cat in ____ without hitting a ____ese/i) … Thus things like JDate (and I know girls — even goya — who have done it) are mad popular in places like NYC — … That said, send me the link for the druze chicks in DC … and let the chase begin …

  2. awwwwwwwwwwww.

    welcome, dear neophytes, to online dating. i’d like to offer you a tour of this world in which the impossible, the unattainable, the unthinkable are contained in your computer screen.

    let us start with he who has bedeviled the western world. i present to you… hassan nasrallah!

    but one of the pitfalls of most dating sites is that you don’t really know what the other person looks like. solution: google and fetch ur find!

    for those of you who turn to online dating in order to offer genealogical controls, i’m sorry, religious controls, i’m sorry, there seems to be some interference here…. ahem. we continue.

    never fear, time is money and none of us want to waste hours ogling mismatched candidates. of course you can customize your searches and design your ideal match. for example, offers a special field for “faith.” but for those open-minded singletons who understand that dating requires a flexible mind, rest assured that you can date freely within your nationality, the tie that transcends difference and binds community. (NB: a good friend who’s israeli will only date those from jdate, and her also-israeli sister married one of her jdate matches.)

    finally, i want to address those of you who want to take a risk and pursue that feeling you’ve always harbored. after all, internet dating is all about risk-taking and moving beyond your regular social patterns! fancy someone jewish? don’t wait for him or her to come knocking at your door. join jdate and marry into the community you’ve always been curious, compatible, and passionate about! (NB: an article profiled a filipino woman who only browses/pays for jdate because she knows she’s compatible with jewish men.)

    ok, that was terribly fun.

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