what it means to state something

One thing i forgot to mention during this war and that is important:

Hugo Chavez (president of venezuela) has called his ambassador back from Israel and threatened to cut diplomatic relations with Israel. I just want to say that if any European country would have done that we wouldn’t be where we are. in any case hail to Hugo.


7 Replies to “what it means to state something”

  1. Where is Colonel Ghadafi when you need him … 🙂

    And how bad must US foreign policy be that I find myself cheering meglomaniacs like mssr. chavez … oh well …

  2. what about arabic countries? right, they’re slaves to the empire.

    you guys, i went back to that michael smith dude site about HA, remember and it really pissed me off. he’s showing this thing written on the wall of Khyam prison and basically leaving the readers with the misconception that HA was doing the torture. i wrote a comment asking him to please clarify and he deleted it!
    who is this guy?

  3. he is an idiot and a shill for certain “non-profits” in dc that are agitating for a New Middle East … He worked for a US organization that sponsored the “freedom tent” for the March 14 kids, he writes for a right-wing magazine with shady ties to neocons and he does work in Kurdistan (which just happened to conduct a marketing tour with the help of a GOP PR firm in time for the US elections on what a great success the “other Iraq” is) … With friends like these, Lebanon does not need enemies … His posts on HA barely conceal his racism …

    He should not scare me because he is such a moron, but he does … I have a post coming on him … so just wait … 🙂 The most offensive thing I have seen so far was him saying he was giddy about the idea of riding an IDF tank into Lebanon …

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