Neocon ideology is effectively solidly installed

There is one thing to remember from Bush’s statements given yesterday following the alleged breakdown on a “terrorist” cell in London: The term Islamo-Fascists. Let me just point out that those who first coined the term were the clique surrounding Daniel Pipes and other apologists of Israeli actions in Palestinian territories and beyond.

The way this should be read is the following: the ideas and conceptualization of this plethora of right-wing intellectuals has finally gained ground in the top echelons of the US leadership. What is the related history since 9/11? Following the events, Bush condemned the attacks without mentioning any “muslim” factor in it. Then with the help of right-wing think-tank papers and recommendations, the 9/11 commission a couple of years later mentioned terrorists who believe in a “perverted form of Islam”. The enemy was more or less defined.

Yesterday the separation between the original demonizing ideologies held by Pipes and the likes and the official US administration stance was finally bridged. Bush uses the term – Islamo-Fascists – that Pipes has been using since the beginning of the 1990s. The time in which right-wingers were looking for an alternative enemy after the fall of communist USSR.

The Neoconservative ideological campaign has finally become completely internalized in lexicon of world politics. Future discourse cannot do without. There are no more non-dits, all the cards are on the table.


8 Replies to “Neocon ideology is effectively solidly installed”

  1. Hi Bech, what do you make of this “news” just in from Reuters?:

    Lebanon sees “major progress” in talks with U.S
    Fri Aug 11, 2006 9:58 AM ET

    BEIRUT (Reuters) – Lebanese leaders made “major progress” in talks with a top U.S. official on Friday on a U.N. resolution to end Israel’s war with Hizbollah, a senior Lebanese political source said.

    “We are discussing the details. There is serious and major progress that could lead to an understanding in the next few hours,” the source said. “There are no more basic sticking points.”

  2. More news just in: mini-Hariri is visiting Beirut. Uncanny timing – what strange coincidence that he arrives when an end is allegedly in sight…

  3. To those in Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Syria and Isreal who don’t already sense this….. the vast majority of US citizens are not proud of our leaders in the administration who pretend to know how peace is made. Watch the November elections in this democracy. We will take back our government legally and with respect for our Constitution which has been sorely tested during the past six years.

  4. Dont you actually have to have power to be a fascist? I mean I think I am probably and American fascist when it comes to the family dog in that I scold the dog using particular American idioms?

  5. I thought the same thing as you, Apokraphyte.
    I also have issues dissociating fascism from nationalism; so this whole “islamo-fascism” thing does not sound very ‘right’.

  6. Volumes have been written about the Arab-Israeli conflict which has been ongoing for the last 60 years.

    The first thing that should be recognized is that the Arabs are not in a fight against the Jews. The Arabs and the Jews are both Semitic people. There has to be a firm distinction made between Jews and Zionists. Israel carefully and jealously calls itself the Jewish state, whereas it is actually a Zionist state. Many Jews don’t identify with this ideology. (Einstein for example disapproved of Zionism.)

    The Zionist ideology is a racist one. Israel likes to call itself a democracy. But if you look carefully at the makeup of Israeli society, it has encouraged migration of Jews from all Jewish communities from all over the world, from the extreme right to the extreme left. But they have been most careful to encourage migration from those who are mostly Zionists, whether they belong to the right wing Likud or the left wing Labour party. They have been careful to ensure that whatever government is elected it is ruled by Zionists. Israeli democracy is littered with threats to Israeli politicians to “tow the line or else” politics, enforced by American Jews sympathetic to Zionism.

    Zionism has a stated aim: to claim, by any means, military or otherwise, land that will fit 20+ million Jewish immigrants from all over the world, whether Zionists or otherwise. They realize that the land that they occupy now is not enough to fit all those people. Their doctrine, leading to their ideal solution of solving the problem, is to occupy the land between the Nile and the Euphrates. Their flag is the symbol of that. (The blue lines above and below the Star of David symbolize that.) Their war against Lebanon has a hidden agenda, to grab as much land as they can, and tap into Lebanon’s water resources.

    The dilemma now is how Israel can do that with an increasingly aware and waking Arab and international public. This is where America comes in.

    This American administration, although headed by President Bush, is recognized to be actually manipulated by VP Mr. Dick Chenney. Ms. Rice and Mr. Rumsfeld are also part of the neocon administration, but they have lost much of their credibility after the Iraq war which was started by “faulty” intelligence.

    When commentators state that this is all about oil, don’t dismiss it out of hand. It may not be “all about oil”, but oil has quite a lot to do with it. America, and by proxy, Israel, would love to have a Middle East in turmoil, while America conceives a “New Middle East”. President Bush regularly and with monotonously repetitive utterances denounces Hizballah and their “sponsors” Iran and Syria. America is now the only Superpower in the world. Who is there to denounce Israel’s expansionist policies sponsored by the USA?

    Make no mistake, Israel is fighting America’s war in the Middle East to induce the “birth pangs of a new Middle East”. America regularly informs us that it has no friends, it has only interests. There will come a time when America will have no use for Israel anymore.

  7. sure, all this is good and dandy!!
    breaking down the american right wing,israel,zionism..all good.
    let us take a look at the lebanese internal politics…the war is over, the ball is in their court now…the lebanese politicians are gonna eat each other alive in their atypical Lebnaniyeh fashion!!
    they should have a Celebriality show on VH1.

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