The Haifa stand

I have to say that I like the position taken by the Arabic population of Haifa. Some of them don’t want to leave even after the threat voiced by Nasrallah yesterday in his latest TV speech. I should add that they are against the Israeli aggression. I could also argue that Hezbollah can fire in other places.


2 Replies to “The Haifa stand”

  1. I could also argue that Hezbollah can fire in other places.

    Implicit in such a statement is that you endorse firing rockets indiscriminately at civilian populations as long as they’re Jews?

    How about something different – since firing unguided rockets at cities serves no defensive purpose at all and is a war crime by any definition of the term – how about they stop doing it?

    Doing so merely ensures a deeper IDF invasion to stop them. Please tell us how firing these rockets serves Lebanon’s interest.

  2. I don’t think you got my point my friend. I incite no one to kill “jews”. I am just saying that Hezbollah should spare Haifa. anyway Hezbollah knows that all the Israelis from this region are either spending vacations (as refugees of course) in the luxurous complexes of the south of Israel, we saw them in their swimming suits), or in their shelters with a bunch of psychoanalyst. For the rest well it’s to the Israelis to decide because but to make a long conversation short: Hezbollah fires rocket only as a reaction to Israeli targeting of infrastructure and civilians. this has been clear from the start, it’s clear from the declarations of everyone.

    firing rockets and killing serves the interests of no one, but you can’t ask these people to witness israeli butchering while sitting and doing nothing to pressure Israelis to stop.

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