The Power of Prayer …

This advert comes from Haaretz … The text on the link reads:

“For thousands of years it has been proven that the Jewish people have the ability to incapacitate and destroy their enemies through increased Torah study and prayer. Sign up now for weekly Torah commentaries.”

Let me just say this: some of the Christian Evangelicals in the United States, including the President, and parts of the religious right in Israel make Hassan Nasrallah and his party look positively atheistic …

I would, however, say that I would not mind if all future wars were decided by a contest to see who could read ancient historical texts the hardest, fastest and longest …


One Reply to “The Power of Prayer …”

  1. that’s right. Evangelists are a dangerous hazy flow of Christianity. The same of fundementalistic Islam. Why won’t the 3 religions at last in history join forces against extremists from all sides?
    That stream of jews is a tiny crazy minority. But it’s dangerous as well.

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