Spielberg gives money to Israel

I never liked this guy nor his movies. For me he symbolized a more subtle version of the Bush phenomenon of being stuck in the good-and-evil world, kind of a Thomas Fridman of the movies. The worst type of creatures.


7 Replies to “Spielberg gives money to Israel”

  1. I would add that Spielberg provided some of the money to the New Israel Fund, which sponsored the litigation that challenged the path of the wall in West Bank and won, I think, before the Israeli Supreme Court …

  2. The fuck face believes in aliens….i mean not just that they exist…but MEN IN BLACK kinda thing….i am a resident Alien he should fund my ass….it is one thing to take sides…but another to take action..it materialises things..PEN DEJO…..CHINNNNGA TU MADRE!!!!!!!!

  3. As an extra token of his generosity, I’m sure S.S. will be glad to offer a documentary too. It will have to victimize Israelis (30 times less than Lebanon’s casualties). Maybe he could also recreate that type of blurry effect to add that so much appraised “dreamy effect” and reflect upon the innoncence of it all. And then maybe we could have a shot of Bush and Blair making pancakes. Thanks Mr S.S. and may your industry florish!

  4. Spielberg is a staunch liberal democrat, which tells you something about the available diversity in the United States when it comes to foreign policy in general and the Middle East in particular

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