Terrorist Fruit Pickers …


3 Replies to “Terrorist Fruit Pickers …”

  1. It is a shame no one raised a voice for them. It is unfair our victims have more value than Syrian Kurds victims and another proof of Syrian corwardice to do nothing about it. I totally agree with your sentiment of revolt.

  2. who said they have more value? there is only you saying it… thus making you jump to the conclusion that Syrians are coward. careful suburbankid with i don’t know how many names.

  3. Well, the Syrians have not done much for their nationals. You can call this “prudence” which is a more elegant way of putting it indeed.

    I just notice a discrepency between a very strong anti-Israeli discourse and an inexistant action on the ground by the Syrian government and I think those fruit-pickers would have deserved more attention. What is your opinion?

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