Is Hizbullah Targeting Civilians …

Media reports suggest, and I am inclined to believe, that Hizbullah does not have much in the way of targeting capability with its rockets. This article, however, suggests that the whole story may as of yet be unknown to the public. The author blames Israel’s censorship laws and indeed watching CNN and FOX, the images of wreckage in northern Israel are quite strange and often it is very hard to know exactly what you are looking at. The author suggests, but does not prove, that Hizbullah may have been going after military targets. I am unconvinced and civilian casualities suggest the opposite.

One could argue quite reasonably that the censorship laws make sense — who would provide their enemy with visual reconaissance free of charge? But if the rockets have been landing haphazardly in civilian neighborhoods, which the Israelis say they are, why not show the public such images of terrorized neighborhoods … They would be very good PR and would not compromise any military sites, non?

To be sure, the majority of Israeli deaths have been soldiers, but this seems the likely result of the ground offensive in southern Lebanon. Still it will be interesting to see the whole picture, if it ever becomes clear ….


4 Replies to “Is Hizbullah Targeting Civilians …”

  1. First you should ask youself what Hezb’allahs’ military stategy is, then you can deduce what it is targetiing. The sad fact for Lebanese to realize is that Hezb’allah has no military strategy. It is currently utterly incapable of defeating the Israeli army . They cling to their previous political
    stratgey though, which was to take over Lebanon. Thus Hezb’llahs’ goals are to survive and to show that they are making a good fight. They haven’t given any thought to a miltary victory. From this it follows that they target whatever will get them the most press. Since Israeli military bases are off limits to the press they are of no value to Hezb’allah.

    After any Israli success Hezb’allah redoubles their misile barrages to show how unbeaten they are and how impossible it is to defeat them.

    It’s a very interessting war. Israel is fighting a clasical war, gaining ground, killing Hezb’allh’s regulars (of which there are only a few thousand)and destroying the bases, transportation and communications they use. Hezb’allah is waging a public relations war. If the war lasts a few weeks longer the Israels will take Tyre and the Bekka valley.Then Hezb’allah will be gone. Except for Nasrallah and pals hiding in the Iranian embassy.

    Hezb’allah can’t stop Israel. They NEED a ceasefire. Will it come in time to save them ?

  2. Read Nasrallah’s latest speech and you may understand a couple of things. Actually it is likely that you won’t, judging from the primitive quality of your reasoning! (that is with all due respect)

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