"Daring Commando Raid" Revisited …

Turns out the Junior Mints episode was no laughing matter … Please see this letter from Roger Assaf on the horrible cost of the “daring commando raid” on Baalbek:

“Today I want to share with you a few facts about the heroic Israeli commando operation in Baalbeck from 2 nights ago. I wonder how many people in Israel and the world are exposed to this information.

About the Israeli commando operation on Baalbeck where 5 members of the Hezbollah were captured:

1. The parachutists landed on a hospital: Dar el Hekmat.

2. The glorious battle of the elite soldiers provoked 17 dead among which eight children.

3. The five people who were captured are ordinary civilians living in a house near by. Two of them, a father and his son, are called Nasrallah and have no relation whatsoever with the Hezbollah leader. Nasrallah is a common name not only in Lebanon, but in the Middle East. Such as Youssri Nasrallah, famous Egyptian filmmaker and Christian (please forgive this distinction, Youssri my friend, it’s for the good cause) well known in the French film world). It’s very possible that they would have been Hezbollah sympathizers, as are more than one million people in Lebanon, but they are not on the staff of Hezbollah.

4. Inside the car that rushed out of the hospital area and that was chased and filmed by the Israelis were a man and his wife, eight-months pregnant. The first rocket hit the back of the car. The two passengers leave the car screaming for help. The helicopter makes a U-turn and shoots again. The man manages to escape, the woman doesn’t. A little bit later, the neighbors rush to the car and find her dead, with an exploded belly and the fetus projected outside.

News announcers of TVs, it’s with great sorrow that I announce to you the death of Nesrine Salloum, eight months pregnant, a victim of the heroic mission of a worthy Israeli commando on terrorist grounds.

For her, I claim one minute of silence (the least to gain over your lies). Your special corresponents earn in one day half of the monthly salary of a university teacher in Beirut.

Do your job properly, otherwise SHUT UP!”

Please note that the story has not been corrected by any of the major media outlets …


2 Replies to “"Daring Commando Raid" Revisited …”

  1. thanks for the words/articles the last few days. let’s keep up the non-simplistic/non-dichonomic conversations. it’s been over 3 weeks since this tradgedy (were we surprised?) and i’m still beyond words. how are we to educate when even supposive educated new yorkers don’t know shit about lebanon (or anywhere else [including w/in us]) and think of it as being part of stereotypical (american [ignorant] stereotype that is) of the middle eastern world, but feel compelled, by some vague ‘liberal’ intuition that the situation is bad. sorry, just venting, will refrain from excessive usage of slashes, parentheses, and brackets in the future. keep up the good fight.



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