Are Junior Militants Like Junior Mints …

This is too funny and unfortunately, it seems Haaretz had edited an earlier article and decided against using the word “junior” to describe the Hizbullah militants captured during the Israeli raid on Baalbek …

What exactly are “junior militants” anyway? Events at Cana suggest they may be children, so maybe the IDF stopped by the hospital’s pediatric ward, but no, let’s give the IDF more credit than that … Let’s think of them like Junior Mints — a kind of comfort food for the homefront — something for the Israeli public to chew on while it sits at home watching the IDF’s latest production of cinema inverite …

I must say the Yedioth Ahronoth’s trailer had all the makings of a true Hollywood hit: “Bold operation behind enemy lines: IDF commando units land in town of Baalbek, some 80 kilometers inside Lebanese territory Tuesday night. Combatants kill Hizbullah gunmen, capture several terrorists and return safely home.”

Apparently, however, uncomfortable facts began to break the narrative arc of what sounded like a most promising screenplay …

In just a few hours time, the “terrorists” were downgraded to “junior militants” and then simply gunmen … The drama of the plot was weakened again when Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert refused to reveal when they would be released … “It’s too early, they have to get used to being in Israeli custody …”

Rewrite, someone please get the writers on the phone, this just won’t do … Surely Olmert meant to say these terrorists will never see the light of day again lest they threaten the only democracy in the Middle East … Non?

I am no movie critic, but to my ears and eyes, Operation Jupiter does not sound like a summer blockbuster … with or without the junior mints …


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