meditation on one war in the Middle East at one point in time

I’ve been cruising back and forth between the mountainous region of my beloved country and its capital Beirut. In the search of some peace and rejuvenation in mother nature, I have been enjoying these little escapades. Now, I just arrived at my place on the hill – that’s how I call it so that the Israelis won’t locate me – and I plugged my laptop into the telephone wire to get connected to the rest of the “international community”.

Unfortunately, I still hear the planes. Today, the confrontation reached its climax since the beginning of hostilities. No one really knows for sure what is going on. As the Israeli generals are getting desperate to take out Hezbollah as they race with the diplomatic clock (and a stupid prime minister).

I fear that the more Israelis are botching the job and the Americans are get angry of not seeing their plan materializing, the more the IDF is putting all its resources to action. In this war the white house is the holder of power and Israel is contracted to do the strategy and implement. This week will be the scariest and the most damaging of them all.

And all I can do is sit idle, write stupid thoughts on the internet and wait for death to materialize itself on so many people. Deaths that other people think is legitimate to provoke. I mean seriously the sentence “you can fool some people some time but you can’t fool all the people all the time” does not apply to Israel.


One Reply to “meditation on one war in the Middle East at one point in time”

  1. Your words are not stupid. I think your right about the Bush Administration and the Top Generals in the US. They just can’t understand why Israel is pussy footing around. They want to see progress and dead Hezbolla stacked like cordwood.

    Of course, telling who is Hez and who is not is difficult since most of them are wearing t-shirts and jeans with Nikes or Converse tennis shoes.

    Meanwhile back in Iraq, the Iraqis are killing each other by the score.

    Seems kinda backwards to me.

    Papa Ray
    West Texas

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