Invasion of the Body-Snatchers …

In a stark reminder of the cadaverous calculus of war, the Israeli press reports that the IDF has been bringing Lebanese bodies back to Israel for burial …

“The official,” the article notes, “refused to say how the IDF decided on which bodies would be transferred to Israel, but hinted that it was not done at random … ”

So, dear readers, it seems that such necrophilia, like other forms of love, is not “random,” but rather obeys an ineffable logic …

What comfort for those who perished at Cana to know they died not in vain but in the service of such an unspeakable love …

And what despair for those who love so deeply …


One Reply to “Invasion of the Body-Snatchers …”

  1. Béchir… I am sure that people will yell about this post you just sent, but in all it’s cruelty, it is a balm to my heart…your cynism is just perfect.Thank you again.

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