Mission Accomplished …

As we see in this JPost article, the Israeli propaganda effort in the United States has been such a smashing success that they are celebrating their achievement in Israel. Of course, for those in the United States even suggesting that such an effort exists is tantamount to professional suicide… Oh well…

From the JPost: “Israeli diplomats and Jewish advocates for Israel never had it so good. The outbreak of war between Israel and Hizbullah turned out to be an easy sell in America, with the administration giving Ehud Olmert’s government a free hand to go ahead and take care of Hizbullah. Meanwhile Congress was declaring its unanimous support and even the American media – which Israelis and local Jewish activists complain about frequently – was pointing to Hizbullah as the party causing the provocations and to Israel as the side defending itself.”

Or consider this, also from the JPost:

“Not only has Israel defined its goals, but – in stark contrast to the past – it has successfully managed to present them not only as Israeli aims, but rather the aims of the whole world. It has harnessed the world to these goals.
Listen to what Olmert said in his Knesset speech Monday evening: “And in Lebanon, we will insist on compliance with the terms stipulated long ago by the international community, as unequivocally expressed only yesterday in the resolution of the eight leading countries of the world (the G-8), the return of the hostages, Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev; a complete cease-fire, deployment of the Lebanese army in all of southern Lebanon, expulsion of Hizbullah from the area, and fulfillment of United Nations Resolution 1559.”
Framing Israel’s goals as global ones is reminiscent of the campaign to delegitimize Hamas at the beginning of the year. After Hamas’s victory in the Palestinian elections in January, Israel was successful in getting the world to accept three principles: that Hamas must recognize Israel, forswear violence, and accept previous agreement before gaining international legitimacy. Again, the idea was to frame the goals not only as Israel’s, but rather as those of the entire world.”


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