what desolation means: the Iraqi case

Everybody should read this piece in the NY review of books on what Iraq looks like in terms of chaos and super-militarization. Long gone the hopes of a brighter future without Saddam.
For those who would like to witness revolutions in their own country, take a look at Iraq beyond what the media feeds you everyday.
This is scary… I hope the god(s) can prevent such scenario from materializing in my tiny country delineated a century ago. Because if I have to rely on the current ‘statesmen’ we have around here…

one note though, nobody seems to realize how horrible things should be for the average Iraqi today. peace is precious and nobody realizes this. Sometimes, I tend to forget that, I tend to take for granted the fact that I can wake up in the morning and go walk in the sun. But a couple of years ago, during the civil war, this was not really possible. Is it necessary for me to have known the vicissitudes of the lack of security in order to understand the current desolation in Iraq? Do we need to all go through this before we understand what ideology or the tyranny of ideas can do to so many people?

Ultimately, for those who don’t understand the precious cost of a viable security system for those who don’t understand why the State is such an important agency, actually for those who paradoxically think they understood it all when it comes to formulating concepts such as “liberty”, “democracy”, etc. I tell you, please think twice before screaming the word “injustice”. Your life can suddenly become unbearable.

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