Lahoud and Shalom. Who knew?

Whatever you say about this guy, there is something truely touching about many things he say or do.. Whether it comes from enlightenment or complete ignorance is another matter. But I feel that we will never really know.

One Reply to “Lahoud and Shalom. Who knew?”

  1. I see Lahoud in a sort of blissful state of permanent unknowing. I dont doubt he can use the knives when needed, but I think he would give Senor Bush a run for the least intellectually gifted head of state. I remember editing his speeches when I was in the Root and while I cannot confirm that it was Lahoud himself who penned the words — and not some aide — the rhetoric alternated between the pompous and the sophmoric. I do remember an allusion to the Odyssey, but it was totally out of place and overblown and seemed gleaned from the Cliff Notes version… oh well, such are our leaders…

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