Lebanon an energy producer?

yes possibly, according to my reporting in today’s Dailystar. That would save us a lot of money my friends. And this is serious stuff, many studies have confirmed that should the government accept to dust off the legal books and shuts off the drives of the cartel of oil importers – that by the way already botched numerous numbers of good opportunities for the country to lower its energy bill and stop exploiting its poorest constituentcy – then we could meet all our energy needs, and easily service our debt (that incompetent oligarch should bear and not the poorest majority) by drilling for oil and gas in the sea next to our shores.
Egypt and Israel did it, hell even Gaza did it (shows you that good governance does not necessarily mean independence!).

8 Replies to “Lebanon an energy producer?”

  1. I agree with the post, but the last sentence is outrageous

    “(shows you that good governance does not necessarily mean independence!).”

  2. I don’t agree with most of your opinions, but you deserve to be read. One advice: you post a lot but nobody reads you. You’re out of the blogosphere. To increase the trafic, go on some other Lebanese blogs, comment, and people will come here.

    Try these: beirutspring.blogspot.com

  3. Dear anonymous thank you for your comments, they are valuable.

    Now i know why no one comes on my site! Well, to tell you the truth, I prefer not having a very crowded site with useless comments for the most of it.

    Blogs you pointed out are interesting but they mostly deal with “ideological” debates about what it is to be lebanese and all that.

    But I would surely appreciate if I could have more visitors. so I’ll guess i’ll try to do something about it.

    First, I write about the Middle East and do not favor the study of Lebanon over another country. Second, i basically observe events i find important in understanding political structures and changes.

    Also, i am sorry for the outrageous sentence but think about it. Was south korea independent when it was set on the path to become part of the “developed countries” club?

    and, what does it mean to be independent?
    When i differentiate between both good governance and independence, I am not making an “ethical” nor a “moral” claim.

    You can have a well functioning state without having solid independent structures especially regarding certain existential matters. In lebanon we had (and still have) none of good governance and independence.

  4. why??!!
    i would be very interested to know.. I am working on huge story right now and he’s my main source so i need your input quick

  5. Was not Msr. Baroudi arrested a few years ago for graft … perhaps i am wrong … i know he is a nice guy and pals with the Daily Star folks but i was always leery of his “expert” commentary…

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