Focus on Palestinians in Lebanon

So Palestinians just got the right to work in Lebanon for limited professions (excluding Medicine, Law, and Engineering).

Is there a shortage on the Lebanese market for non-skilled labor?

Syrians have been flying back like scared meticulous ants, since the Lebanese showed much respect for their fellow brethrens.
Are there any accusations on Lebanese behaving with racism? of course! Here.
Why did the Lebanese have come to this point? Well because you had Producers of Knowlege as we like to call them who have prepared the terrain. An example is this horrible article by Gary Gambill of the Middle East Forum.

Anyway back to what we were saying, it would be interesting to see what types of jobs Palestinian would get and how many Syrians are coming back (there already is a witnessed come back). What effect would this have on the Lebanese economy? I am ready to bet that Lebanese are deeply dependent of anyone worker that would be ready to do the dirty job for him.

Another thing. 2 human right groups (the organization for Palestinian human right group “Houqouq”, and the Institution for… “Shahed”), have denounced the prohibition of Lebanese authorities to let construction materials enter Palestinian camps in Tyr (Sour), according to today’s Al Safir, a Lebanese Arabic Daily.

So there you have it, politically Palestinians have still the same status: “Untouchables” who still do not know if they will be driven outside the country. But rest assured, Palestinians have the right to do the dirty job of the Lebanese.
Joseph Samaha (the only interesting journalist in Lebanon) has an interesting analysis on the issue titled: “The Lebanese have still the right to exploit Palestinian workers”.

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