Chauvinism, the Lebanese way

An interesting article was issued by Reuters which made it in several newspapers on the fate of those syrian workers who ran to their home country or got killed, harrassed, etc.
But beyond these stupid acts, lies an interesting economic observation.

analysts say that as much as the Lebanese resent the Syrians, they perform a much needed role in the Lebanese economy by filling menial jobs at low wages that most Lebanese are unwilling to do

Lebanese continue putting the blame on the Syrian workers for their economic problems.
But if Syrians do not work for miserable salaries (which they should not do in an ideal world), we would have a rise in cost of input, whether they are replaced by Lebanese, or if suddenly Syrians start asking for more. Due to the impossibility of the second alternative as it violates basic laws of Demand and Supply (Syrians are here because they are ready to be paid less), then Lebanese would put the state of the economy in an worse state by increasing prices.
The real econmic problem in Lebanon, if any one cares, comes from the cash vultures i.e. banks that paralyzes credit circulation for more incestuous profits with paralyzed Central Bank. there are no Syrians there. It is Lebanese racket, pure blend.

3 Replies to “Chauvinism, the Lebanese way”

  1. This is a totally flawed analysis, which ignores other sources of input to the Lebanese economy which the Syrians block. Another point you need not ignore is the fact that the Lebanese middle and lower class is that crushed by the Syrian hegemony, farmers can not sell their crops and traders can not competre with those getting merchandise from Syria.

    You are being chauvinist yourself by asuming Lebanese would not accept taking jobs Syrians are currently assuming. You are revealing one side of the whole image.

  2. first of all, I was only talking about the economic implications of the presence or absence of Syrian workers in Lebanon.Other blocks (if they exist) are part of another discussion.
    Second; basic understanding of the Lebanese economy will show you that Lebanese Farmers have problems because of lack of planning and resources, and the presence of monopolies. If Syria has lower prices then start competing; nobody’s preventing you from doing so.
    Third, I am not a chauvinist (plus i’m Lebanese), be realist,Lebanese have never accepted these jobs, or else Syrians would not be here in the first place. Under the same logic, you can understand the presence of Philipino, Sri Lankese, Indians and other workers.
    Fourth, you will need to clarify the “Syrian hegemony crushing”.
    All else; nice to have you on my blog, and please keep on sending interesting comments.

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