Finding the pieces of the puzzle

Well that’s interesting. King Abdallah is condemning Iran and Syria (Hezbollah) as promoting terrorists activities against Israel.

So let’s think about that for a minute:
1- Iran is threatened
2- Syria is practically out but the aftermath needs to be worked out (here and here).
3- Saudi Arabia is nervous over a Shia turbulence from Iraq to its own constituency.
4- King Abdullah is under US and Israeli umbrellas.
5- Saterfield has just declared harsh a critique of Hezbollah
6- The Lebanese opposition is strengthening and will finally assume power, which will bring it either closer to US initiatives or create divsions within it. Unless the US will continually exploit the changes.

Now something else:
1- Hariri was holding secret meetings with Nasrallah’s Hezbollah right before his assassination.
2- Hariri is Saudi and Lebanese. Nasrallah is Lebanese and works with Iranians.
3- Were they discussing regional affairs?
4- I’m sure they were.

What about “constructive instability (Satloff)?

Somebody is mounting the Sunnis against the Shia.
More on these thoughts later on.

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