Back in business

Bush has been re-elected and I was kind of paralyzed everytime I thought I had to write or highlight something. Now what do I have for today. Before that let’s do a recap. First, Iran is going to be attacked, it is just a matter of time and excuses to be found. Second, Neocons have never been as strong as they are today (although some experts would argue the contrary ). Third, Arafat is gone and even God or the idea of god cannot help Palestinians get out of their mess unless Abbas, Qurei and others transcend their human capabilities. Finally, Lebanese are still proud that the US is looking towards them not knowing that the latter is actually looking at a dreamed of horizon besides them, and ‘them’ being in the middle (this can be tricky, but a tank could just walk over). So actually nothing much have changed.

Now for today:

Wolfowitz is interviewed by and here is his response to a possibility of using carrots instead of sticks with Iran.

Would the US also use carrots, for example, by recognising the mullahs? If the policy is regime change, then you can hardly blame them for trying to insulate themselves by acquiring nuclear weapons.

Paul Wolfowitz – The policy is that Iran should stop promoting terrorism, should stop pursuing WMD and should stop trying to destroy the middle east peace process.

Did he really answer to the question? for me, the question involved explaining the ‘insulate themselves’ phenomenon that nobody understands in the US administration. For me it felt like he was fixated on uttering the endless terrorism-WMD-is-present-so-let’s-get-in Mantra. And since when is Iran obstructing the Middle East peace process??

On another level, well, you had Campus Watch to track down the ‘intellectual terrorists’ in the US (terrorists means critical of Israeli policies), and today Israelis discovered that even in their own country, a couple of scholarly dudes are critical of Israeli policies. Not able to digest this presence of diversity, these people created Israeli Academia Monitor .

Now Meyrav Wurmser, ex-MEMRI mastermind and today’s director of the Center for Middle East policy at the Hudson Institute has written a rather insightful piece in the National Review that basically states a paradox: in order for Palestinian to get a democracy they have to be free. hmm, so how can you have a democracy and not be free? Maybe Meyrav meant since Palestinian are inferior beings (as all Arabs by the way), you can’t just give them democracy, they just aren’t inherently free like other human beings are.

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