A Strategic Assessment

The Jaffee Center has released its annual assessment for the years 2003-2004.

I will try to translate some interesting points made by Joseph Samaha in Al-Safir.

First, the idea that Israel’s interest was best served by the US and its excavations in the middle east.

And so,

Any strategic assessment on the Middle East has to take into account the Israeli-American alliance. That is an alliance made of the two most extreme parties in both countries.

Second, the fact that Palestinians are now called uniformly ‘terrorists’. Thus,

the obsolete aspect of the ‘road map’, or any other plan which treats the Palestinians as partners.

and did you know that the security fence is an idea inspired by the deep thoughts of Vladimir Jabotinsky?

By the way the former director of MEMRI (that she founded along with Colonel Yigal Carmon, formerly of Israeli military intelligence) wrote her PhD thesis on Jabotinsky’s thoughts and their influence on Israeli leaders (right or left). She was an opponent to the Oslo process and now, thanks to beautiful stances such as the one I just cited, she is the director of the Center for Middle East Policy at the Hudson Institute. If you still didn’t guess who we’re talking about Meyrav Wurmser (wife of David Wurmser). Oh and David Wurmser is someone who was always fixated on Syria.

Ok let’s stop the digression there for now.

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